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  • Global Opportunity Report 2018 cover
    24 January 2018 | Sustainability | Report

    Global Opportunity Report 2018

    Renewed efforts are required to ensure four of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals do not miss their 2030 targets.
  • Realizing tomorrows value cover
    22 March 2017 | Climate change | Sustainability | Position paper

    Realizing tomorrows value

    The emergence of a new business practice
  • Frontpage of the Global Opportunity Report 2017
    24 January 2017 | Sustainability | Report

    Global Opportunity Report 2017

    Disruptive technologies and digital infrastructure have the potential to solve some of the world’s most pressing risks and to transform industries.
  • The Future of Spaceship Earth
    19 September 2016 | Technology and Innovation | Sustainability | Report

    The Future of Spaceship Earth

    DNV GL forecasts whether we'll achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Read our report.
  • DNV GL UNGC Impact report cover
    11 February 2016 | Sustainability | Report

    IMPACT: Transforming business, changing the world (Executive Summary translations)

    Download the IMPACT report executive summary in Chinese, French or Spanish
  • Global Opportunity Report 2016 cover
    26 January 2016 | Sustainability | Report

    Global Opportunity Report 2016

    Your guide to a world of opportunities
  • NEXT Sustainable business book cover
    28 June 2015 | Sustainability | Case

    NEXT - Sustainable Business

    What’s the essence of the insights the 30 contributors to this book have shared with us? What is next for sustainable business? Read the interviews with sustainability thought leaders
  • DNV GL UNGC Impact report cover
    25 June 2015 | Sustainability | Report

    IMPACT: Transforming business, changing the world (DNV GL and UN Global Compact 2015)

    This DNV GL report marks the 15th anniversary of the launch of the United Nations Global Compact
  • Global oppurtunity report
    14 January 2015 | Sustainability | Report

    Global Opportunity Report (Jan 2015)

    Inspired by sustainability experts on five continents and evaluated by 6,000 private and public sector leaders worldwide, the Global Opportunity Report presents 15 opportunities for a safer and more sustainable world.
  • The-road-less-traveled
    06 November 2014 | Sustainability | Whitepaper

    The Road Less Travelled: Pathways to Transformation (November 2014)

    On 15–16 June 2014, DNV GL hosted a roundtable with leading sustainability thinkers at DNV GL’s head office in Norway. The purpose was to explore pathways to transformation towards our vision of a safe and sustainable future. These roundtables have been convened in association with the 150th anniversary of DNV GL in 2014. In addition to celebrating past achievements, DNV GL is using the occasion to look at how it can realise its vision of global impact for a safe and sustainable future. This document presents the outcome of the discussion at the latest roundtable.
  • wave-powered
    16 August 2014 | Sustainability | Whitepaper

    Wave Powered Desalination (August 2014)

    Water availability is a concern for people all over the world, impacting industry, agriculture and healthy living conditions. Every summer DNV GL brings together a group of committed students with a wide variety of academic backgrounds, to find innovative solutions to important real world challenges. In 2014, the Summer Project has taken a closer look at how wave power and desalination technology can contribute to the effort of supplying clean and sustainable water to the Earth’s growing population.
  • Electrifying-future
    30 April 2014 | Sustainability | Whitepaper

    Electrifying the Future (April 2014)

    Our reliance on electricity means that we expect it to be available on demand. At the same time we want to cut greenhouse gas emissions drastically. Electrifying the future is about unlocking the third generation of wind power and living the future today with smart grids.
  • next
    26 April 2014 | Sustainability | Whitepaper

    NEXT A Safe and Sustainable Future (April 2014)

    Winston Churchill once noted that “the farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” Having existed for 150 years puts DNV GL in a unique position to ask the question which we set out to reflect on in this book: What’s next for a safe and sustainable future?
  • buliding-trust
    26 April 2014 | Sustainability | Whitepaper

    Managing Risk, Building Trust (April 2014)

    The future is not what it used to be. Rising global temperatures, diminishing natural resources and deepening inequality threaten everyone’s prospects, including those yet to be born. Yet alongside these new global challenges are new innovations, solutions and opportunities that make a safe and sustainable future possible: a world where nine billion people can thrive while living within the environmental limits of the planet. In this theme, we set a vision towards this future. We analyse the barriers to change and detail the concrete actions that governments, business and civil society must take together if the obstacles are to be overcome and the opportunities for safer, smarter and greener growth are to be seized.
  • Arctic-report
    12 April 2014 | Sustainability | Whitepaper

    The Arctic – the next risk frontier (April 2014)

    The Arctic offers a preview of a new paradigm for business: harsher environments, higher public scrutiny and a greater need to engage with stakeholders. As industries enter the Arctic, understanding, communicating and managing risks will be essential both to earning social license to operate and minimising the environmental impacts of their activities.
  • climate-change
    12 April 2014 | Sustainability | Whitepaper

    Adaptation to a Changing Climate

    Our goal at DNV GL is to enable business and society to adapt to risks shaped by present and future climate. On this platform, we share insights from different sectors and geographies to help decision makers understand how to better manage climate risks.
  • future-shipping
    08 April 2014 | Sustainability | Whitepaper

    The Future of Shipping (April 2014)

    The shipping industry must continue to enable global trade and prosperity while contributing to a more sustainable future. Read more about ambitions and possible pathways to sustainable shipping.
  • technology-and-transformation
    04 April 2014 | Sustainability | Whitepaper

    From Technology to Transformation (April 2014)

    Existing technology is already unlocking safer, smarter, greener solutions for powering our economy, transporting our goods, caring for our sick and feeding our growing population. But history shows that transformative technologies – from the automobile to the internet – can take decades to reach scale. And time is one resource we do not have. How can we accelerate the deployment and commercialisation of sustainable technologies while ensuring they are introduced safely into society?
  • mooving beyond
    04 December 2013 | Sustainability | Whitepaper

    Moving beyond business as usual (December 2013)

    The world is on the wrong track. Business as usual will take us to a future that is neither safe, sustainable nor prosperous for human kind. What do we need to do to change course? On November 8 2013, DNV GL hosted a roundtable with leading sustainability thinkers and activists to discuss the most important actions the world needs to take now to move beyond business as usual and speed up the transition to a safe and sustainable future. The outcome from the discussion is presented in this report.