Asia’s passport to global medium voltage markets

A KEMA certificate is your passport to business anywhere

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Asia's passport to global MV markets
Asia is leading the growth in MV manufacturing. Manufacturers in established countries such as China and emerging nations like Myanmar and Pakistan are creating innovative and high-quality products.
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They also recognise the value that trusted, independent testing adds to their products. With our unmatched worldwide reputation for reliability and a dedication to efficient testing, KEMA Laboratories helps manufacturers open up business in local and global markets alike.

Efficient MV testing
Our world-leading testing facilities were designed with both efficiency and flexibility in mind. The ability to change quickly between testing circuits combined with the capacity to test multiple devices in parallel and our 3-shift testing schedule minimizes overall testing times. A battery of tests that would take other labs three weeks, we can do in just one.

This shorter wait for the test results can also speed up product development. You will know earlier if your product is ready for market and where to focus efforts on improving your design.

Of course, communication is the key to efficiency. Our test engineers come from around the world, and understand many cultures and languages. This helps ease communications and avoid uncertainties. And if you prefer, you can follow testing remotely via various digital communication tools to monitor quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

One stop shop for all your testing needs
Unlike some laboratories, we can carry out all MV component tests at one location. This not only simplifies your logistics and reduces the time and cost of bringing new products to market, it ensures greater transparency for your potential customers. What’s more, we can certify products at 50 and 60 Hz and for both IEC and IEEE as well as any relevant local standards with minimal additional testing – ideal for manufacturers targeting multiple markets.

Successful completion of a type test program leads to a KEMA Type Test Certificate. Renowned across the world, a KEMA certificate is your passport to business anywhere. Whether you’re a new company or an established name, KEMA certificates let potential customers know they can trust your product – no questions asked.

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