Coupling design and engineering software

The software portfolio of legacy DNV and legacy GL within design and engineering have many complementary areas that will strengthen the total offering.

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Sesam CAESES software -model, solve and optimize designs upfront
The foremost example is FRIENDSHIP-Framework software, now being integrated into the Sesam portfolio and renamed Sesam CAESES
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Leading software

FRIENDSHIP and Sesam are two names that have long been recognized as leading software within the field of design and engineering, and we in DNV GL are proud to bring these products together. This is one of several areas where the merged organization of DNV GL will benefit from complementary strengths.

Going forward, our users will benefit from the combined leading expertise and innovation capabilities provided by our 16,000 highly skilled employees. Through our extensive global network of offices and competence hubs we will be even better positioned to serve and meet your needs with enhanced technical expertise and high-integrity services.

The optimization of fluid dynamics

Sesam's CAESES will build on its position as a market leading engineering simulation software tool for efficient design engineering, for optimization of products for superior performance in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, based upon a powerful and flexible 3D parametric modeller (Upfront CAD). The change affects only the name – the CAESES software that our users know will remain unchanged, with all of the well-known functionalities and benefits.

We will continue to serve customers in many different industries that benefit from simulation-driven design, such as the maritime, offshore and mechanical industries, including engine manufacturers and the automotive industry.

We will continue offering the community edition of FRIENDSHIP Framework (formerly just called CAESES – an acronym for ‘computer aided engineering system empowering simulation’). This product is now called Sesam CAESES Free. With its full upfront CAD functionality Sesam CAESES Free gives users a good start into parametric CAD.

Look forward to further coupling of software solutions, starting with complementary software such as HydroD, for performing sea-keeping hydrodynamic analysis.

First step of integration

Another area where the two legacy organizations have complementary software is within the wind energy industry. Developers of Sesam Wind and of Bladed for offshore wind turbines were working together to achieve joint solutions in turbine design and aerodynamic simulations already in 2012, prior to the announcement of the intent to complete a merger between the two companies. At this stage, the developers have achieved the first step of integration, where the two software solutions can read each other’s data, still an uncoupled solution.

The next release of Fatigue Manager includes a coupled solution that is currently in acceptance testing.

“The integration of the software will be a significant advantage for our customers already using GeniE in offshore, and who also do wind turbine design,” says DNV GL Principal Software Architect Mathias Schult. “We have very complementary technology with a small overlap, so it’s a good match.”

What can Sesam software for design optimization - CAESES do for your company?

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