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Make sure you can operate in US waters – use DNV GL support for EAL compliance with the recent US EPA – Vessel General Permit.

With the recent US VGP 2013, ship owners and operator are compelled to use EALs (Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants) on board their ships in any oil-to-sea  interface, unless technically infeasible. 

DNV GL is your partner for supporting you when sailing in US waters. The current VGP 2013 (US EPA – Vessel General Permit) contains strengthened regulations regarding a vessel’s discharges. We have the expertise and know-how you need.

Our service for EAL compliance with the VGP includes:

  • A compact template to collect all relevant information, followed by a review and verification of the provided documentation. 
  • We deliver proper documentation concerning the use of lubricants in oil-to-sea interfaces as required by the US EPA for the annual report. 
  • The stamped EAL report covers all applicable oil-to-sea-interfaces and, together with the EAL Factual Statement of Compliance, documented proof is provided.

Benefit from EAL compliance with DNV GL today:

  • Efficient and reliable EAL compliance processes
  • Independent, third-party verification
  • Stamped EAL report and EAL Factual Statement of Compliance