New marine warranty standards go digital

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Mike Hoyle Mike Hoyle
Head of advanced engineering, DNV GL - Oil & Gas
The energy industry’s only Standards for the warranty approval of marine operations and the location approval of mobile units will be published by DNV GL this year. They draw upon more than five decades of expertise in the review and approval of marine operations.
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“DNV GL pioneered the concept of marine warranty surveying in the 1960s. Since that time, our legacy businesses have been the industry’s only organizations to continually produce industry standards for marine operations and warranty approvals,” said Mike Hoyle, head of advanced engineering, Noble Denton marine services, UK, DNV GL - Oil & Gas.

DNV GL Standard for warranty approval of marine operations, DNVGL-ST-N001, documents design and operational requirements for the temporary phases in the development of offshore assets, including transportation by water.

DNVGL-ST-N002 focuses on the site specific assessment of mobile offshore units. Both Standards will be published during the second quarter of 2016. The new Standards combine best practice published by DNV and GL Noble Denton before the two organizations merged in 2013. These include legacy DNV’s strengths in technical and analytical detail, and legacy GL Noble Denton’s practical guidance on avoiding technical pitfalls.

The common Standards, which have been developed with input from companies in the marine sector, also give greater flexibility to industry professionals than before. For example, users can follow either the LRFD or ASD/WSD structural assessment approach when following the Standard to plan and execute marine operations.

“By bringing the requirements of the two legacy businesses together, there are few, if any, areas of the offshore energy industry that are not addressed in the new Standards,” said Hoyle. “In particular, DNVGL-ST-N001, our new Standard for the warranty approval of marine operations, covers the entire value chain, from fixed steel and concrete platforms and FPSOs to subsea operations, pipe and cable lay, and offshore wind.”

The two DNV GL marine Standards are the first to be published using a digital solution that provides users with only information relevant to their own specific projects. Using the MyDNVGL customer portal, industry professionals can submit details about the type of asset, operation and structural code.

The company’s online Standards Wizard will then select the pertinent information from DNVGL-ST-N001 Warranty approval of marine operations and DNVGL-ST-N002 Site specific assessment of mobile offshore units.

“This avoids industry professionals having to sift through a 500-page Standard to look for information relevant to their project. It generates a simple and clear document showing the elements of the Standard that they need to get on with the specific job,” said Hoyle.

DNV GL’s new marine Standards will be available from the MyDNVGL portal when they are published.

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