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  • Food & beverage publication thumbnail
    Business Assurance | Brochure


    Are you prepared for your SMETA audit?
  • Viewpoint Infographic Brochure
    Business Assurance | Video

    Viewpoint Infographic Video

    Is your supply chain fit for the future?
  • SupplyChainManagementCertification163x200
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    Supply Chain Risk Management

    Responsible brands manage every link
  • ViewPointWaterMgt163x200
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    Food Chain Traceability

    Know where your product comes from
  • Responsible Supply Chain Management Certification
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    Responsible Supply Chain managament Certification

    Helping you create long term value
  • Viewpoint Report : Is your supply chain fit for the future?
    Business Assurance | Brochure

    Viewpoint Report

    Is your suppply chain fit for the future?
  • Viewpoint Report
    Business Assurance | Brochure

    Viewpoint Report

    Are companies resilient enough to climate change?
  • CustomersRewardBrandsThatCare163x200
    Business Assurance | Brochure

    Consumers reward brands that care

    With global markets comes a global food chain ecosystem where every link must be managed with care.
  • FillYourCustomersWithTrust163x200
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    Fill your Customers with Trust

    Customers care
  • FSSC22000 163x200
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    FSSC 22000

    Ensuring food safety for food, feed and packaging manufacturers
  • BRCGlobalStandardForFoodSafety163x200
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

    Ensure quality and safety in your supply chain
  • GlobalGAP Fruits and Vegetables
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    GLOBALlG.A.P. IFA Fruit and Vegetables

    Growing safe and sustainable produce
  • HACCP163x200
    Business Assurance | Flyer


    Manage your way to food safety
  • ISO22000 163x200
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    ISO 22000

    Manage your food safety performance
  • BRCGlobalStorage163x200
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    BRC global storage for standard distribution and IFS logistics

    Care for food safety on the road
  • BRCGlobalStandardPackagingAndFSSC22000 163x200
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    BRC Global Standard Packaging

    Safe packaging for safe food and consumer products
  • InternationalFeaturedStandardFood163x200
    Business Assurance | Brochure

    International Featured Standard Food (IFS)

    Communicate care for food safety and quality
  • Animal Feed Ingredients
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    Animal Feed and Ingredients

    GMP + FSA, FAMI-QS and FSSC 22000
  • SQFCodeSafeQualityFoodProgram163x200
    Business Assurance | Flyer

    SQF CODE Safe Quality Food Program

    Quality and food safety in every layer
  • WaterFootprint163x200
    Business Assurance | Brochure

    Water Footprint

    Understanding water footprints in the global economy
  • AdvancedAnalyticsInAquaculture163x200
    Business Assurance | Brochure

    Advanced analytics in aquaculture

    Structuring a sea of data to feed decisions