3-phase metal-enclosed bus

Tested in accordance with IEEE Std. C37.23

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Shankar Subramany Shankar Subramany
Head of Department High Power Laboratory, The Netherlands
HL69 Electrobudowa

Electrobudowa, Tychy, Poland 
Amongst other services, the company manufacturers electric power equipment: medium and low voltage switchgear, power substations and systems.

One three-phase metal-enclosed bus (MEB), rated 36 kV, 25500 A, 50 Hz.

Dielectric performance (AC: 80 kV and LI: 170 kV)
Temperature-rise performance (continuous current: 25500 A, 50 Hz, 3-phase)
Short-circuit performance (short-time withstand current: 492 kA peak – 143 kA – 1 s)

KEMA Type Test Certificate of complete type tests.
All tests have been passed with satisfactory results.

KEMA Laboratories, Arnhem, the Netherlands

The tests have been performed in accordance with IEEE Std. C37.23

Excellent cooperation, especially regarding the preparation of the test objects, between manufacturer and KEMA Laboratories guaranteed a smooth testing process.
Electrobudowa SA,
  • Tychy
  • Poland