320 kV HVDC cable system

An extended type test program

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Gerd Enoch Gerd Enoch
Director Global Operations KEMA Laboratories
HL71 General Cable France

Two unique test requirements in testing a HVDC cable system compared to that of a HVAC cable system exist: a specified maximum temperature drop across the insulation of a cable and a superimposed impulse withstand test.

General Cable,  Montereau Cedex, France
General Cable is one of the largest wire and cable companies in Europe serving customers in every major market channel, including energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications.

A 320 kV HVDC cable system.

An extended type test program, in accordance with a client’s specification. The test program surpasses the test program of Cigré TB 496. The photograph shows the test set-up for the superimposed voltage tests.

Read more about the tests and the test setup in HighLight 71, KEMA Laboratories quarterly magazine.

Successfully completed.

KEMA Laboratories, Arnhem, the Netherlands