Exploring smart metering in Turkey

Replacing the majority of electricity meters with smart meters in Turkey.

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Mona Ghobadi Mona Ghobadi
Global PR and Media Relations Manager, DNV GL - Energy
Smart meter rollout in Turkey

CLK Enerji
CLK Enerji is Turkey’s largest electricity distribution and retail group. The company plans to replace most electricity meters in Turkey with smart meters.

Turkey has seen the world’s second largest increase in demand for energy over the last ten years – growth which is expected to continue at around 7% until 2023. To ensure the country’s energy supply in the face of this growth, CLK Enerji planned Turkey’s largest ever smart meter pilot rollout – covering four distribution networks in 11 provinces. The rollout aims to test the relative benefits of different smart meter and communication infrastructures for the Turkish power system.

CLK Enerji and DNV GL worked closely right from project kick-off, beginning with writing the project proposal to be submitted to the regulator for approval. Following approval, DNV GL assembled a team of its experts and chaired a series of workshops on behalf of CLK’s project team. The workshops focussed on the technical specification for smart meters, data concentrators, meter data management solutions and the tender procedure and evaluation process.

Drawing on its widespread smart metering expertise, DNV GL supported CLK Enerji to deliver a technical specification in just a couple of months. Support continued throughout the tender process, including supplier selection and project rollout. Seven separate manufacturers were selected allowing assessment of powerline communications (PLC) and wireless communication. With multiple manufacturers involved, interoperability was a key challenge. To overcome this, DNV GL based the technical specification on international standards as much as possible. Data analysis and high level cost benefit analysis were also performed, helping CLK Enerji gain valuable, impartial insight into the challenges ahead of them and possible ways forward.

The project demonstrated how important it is to have good technical specifications, accurate data and robust, structured processes. The pre-rollout overview of all possible conditions and risks enabled project success.

To deliver the largest ever smart meter pilot rollout, we needed a partner that had both the necessary global technical expertise in smart meter technology and a local presence and understanding of the Turkish energy landscape. DNV GL was the obvious choice.
Dr Ilker Dursun,
  • Director Research & Development
  • CLK Enerji