HVDC mechanical circuit breaker

Demonstration of full-power DC fault clearing test

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Cornelis Plet Cornelis Plet
Consultant - Power Equipment
HL71 Mitsubishi Electric Europe

In the framework of the EU Horizon 2020 R&D program PROMOTioN, KEMA Laboratories are committed to demonstrate testing of HVDC circuit breakers.

EU project “PROMOTioN”, a cooperation between Mitsubishi Electric Europe and DNV GL's KEMA Laboratories in Arnhem  

A prototype mechanical HVDC circuit breaker.

In the framework of the EU project “PROMOTioN”, the cooperation between Mitsubishi Electric Europe and KEMA Laboratories Arnhem resulted in the demonstration of full-power DC fault clearing test with a prototype mechanical HVDC circuit breaker using active current injection. During the demonstration, bidirectional test currents of DC 2 kA, 6 kA,
10 kA, interrupting current of 16 kA and test dissipating energy duties ranging from 1 MJ to 3.6 MJ were successfully delivered to and interrupted by a prototype unit of a mechanical DC circuit breaker with active current injection. The test object, supplied by Mitsubishi Electric, has the interrupting capability of 16 kA for corresponding breaker operation time of 8 ms. The MOSA restriction voltage for this mechanical DC circuit breaker is set as 1.5 times of 80 kV.

Read more about the tests in HighLight 71, KEMA Laboratories quarterly magazine.

The tests have been performed at generator frequencies of 16 2/3 Hz and 30 Hz. As part of the test method, a high-speed by-pass and isolation circuit to protect the test object in case of failure has been successfully demonstrated.

KEMA Laboratories, Arnhem, the Netherlands