Large power transformer and earthing transformer

Largest power transformer ever built in Gulf region

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Levent Muammer Celikel Levent Muammer Celikel
Senior Sales & Business Development Manager - KEMA Laboratories
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Voltamp, Rusayl, Sultanate of Oman
Voltamp manufactures an extensive range of power and distribution transformers, low voltage switchgears and packaged sub-stations in Sohar and Rusayl. With a capacity of 10,000 MVA and over 35,000 installations all over the MENA region in operation, Voltamp is a major player in the regional market. 

One 125 MVA 132 kV power transformer and one 315 kVA 33 kV three phase earthing transformer.

Short circuit and neutral fault current tests.

KEMA Type Test Certificate of complete type tests.

KEMA Laboratories, Arnhem, the Netherlands

The transformers have been certified according to IEC standards:

  • the 125 MVA 132 kV power transformer, tested in accordance to IEC 60076-5 (2006)
  • the 315 kVA 33 kV three phase earthing transformer tested in accordance to IEC 60076 and as per the stringent criteria specified the Electricity Transmission Company of Oman.

This is the first ever earthing transformer to be tested at KEMA Laboratories for both short circuit and for neutral fault current of magnitude 60,000% of the rated current. KEMA Laboratories’ team of experienced technical experts tested the transformers in the recently expanded KEMA High-Power Laboratory. During this process, the components have been thoroughly tested to ensure the quality of the product relating to standards of safety, functionality and quality that are needed for use in the tough power environment.

Electricity is essential to every aspect of modern life. A KEMA Type Test Certificate provides our customers the confidence that our tested components meet worldwide technical requirements and standards.
Mr. Eng. Hassan M.J. Abdwani,
  • CEO
  • Voltamp Energy SAOG