Midstream Energy Efficiency Incentive Program

The Midstream program has made a significant contribution to LED market transformation in Chicago, Illinois.

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Steve Baab Steve Baab
Service Line Leader, Program Development and Implementation
Midstream BILD program

DNV GL developed a Midstream Incentive Program using client funding to promote energy efficiency and increase program participation by removing prescriptive paperwork barriers. The midstream program known as Business Instant Lighting Discounts (BILD) primarily targeted discrete replace on-fail lighting measures to focus on the end-users that make their own purchases.

Outreach staff work with distributor sales staff to educate them on the incentive program and its benefits for utility customers. The customers receive the incentive at the point of sale, and distributors fill out and submit the paperwork to the Midstream program team for incentive reimbursement. The distributors help the utility move the marketplace to newer technology products.

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DNV GL provides strategic support to help utilities design a program and incentive structure that aligns with local market conditions and accelerates midstream measure adoption. The delivery approach includes:

  • Program design that reduces free ridership and mitigates double-dipping
  • Customized program design
  • Program start-up plan
  • Distributor sales strategy
  • Marketing plan with sample collateral
  • Rigorous quality control to support evaluation requirements
  • Ongoing consultation, implementation, and reporting to ensure optimal results
  • Stringent validation requirements and design to complement existing programs

DNV GL developed a new IT tool that will allow existing and new clients to diversify their standard energy efficiency program portfolio to allow equipment distributors to directly participate in utility programs.

The Midstream program delivers energy savings at a low dollar per kWh and influences LED adoption. The program disrupts the way lighting distributors sell to commercial and industrial customers. It interrupts the sales process and requires distributors to upsell customers, and their contractors, to products with greater energy efficiency.

The Midstream program has made a significant contribution to LED market transformation through the utility’s midstream channel. LEDs now comprise 89 percent of total energy savings (per program evaluation). The program has saved over 1 GWh since it began in 2012. The gross realization rate each year averages 97 percent.