Renewable Asset Benchmarking

2016 Global Innovation Project

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Kimberly Mortstock Kimberly Mortstock
Senior Engineer, Asset Integrity & Performance
Renewable asset benchmarking

Benchmarking is used by renewable project owners, operators, developers, and lenders to define realistic performance targets, evaluate operating strategies, and understand the likelihood of different performance or reliability scenarios. DNV GL can provide bespoke analyses and update internal assumptions more easily as global data are combined and are accessible in one location.

Database development
DNV GL has collected unparalleled quantities of performance and reliability data from operational wind farms around the world. For this database we have consolidated existing disparate data sources into one single global benchmarking database.

For external users we created an interactive web portal linked to the database, which will be integrated in the MyDNVGL portal in April 2017. The web portal aggregates the data anonymously to maintain confidentiality. At the back-end there are user input tools for internal users to upload data to the database. The development of the database focused on data from onshore operational wind farms, but the platform can be extended to multiple types of renewables projects. The benchmarking data set so far:

  • Involves over 38,500 turbines
  • Represents over 55 GW installed capacity

The database contains over 150,000 monthly performance and availability data points and nearly as many event specific failure data points so far. These data points are spread out across over 1100 projects around the globe with an initial concentration in Europe, North America, and India. Each project has information for some of the above channels.

This innovation project developed a database and web platform to collect and easily visualize the data, with interactive filtering for geographic region, project age, project size, and other features. The platform can be expanded to display metrics from any renewable energy plant. The benchmarking service greatly enhances our ability to provide fleet intelligence to our customers. Use of the benchmarking service or data set has been incorporated into multiple proposals in 2016 and 2017 for diverse customers such as investors, component manufacturers, turbine manufacturers and project owners.