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105MW portfolio manager system

105 MW Portfolio manager system

DNV GL implemented its Portfolio manager system to monitor, report and analyse a customers entire wind and solar portfolio.

Western Europe
Operations control room

1475 MW Portfolio manager system

DNV GL equipped the customer with its Portfolio manager live system to monitor a portfolio across the USA.

Northern America
Portfolio manager supply and operational monitoring services

200 MW Portfolio manager system

DNV GL provided a range of market leading advisory services to an operational portfolio across the UK, France and Sweden.

Western Europe

Ashegoda wind farm in Ethiopia

Confirming the safety and reliability of turbines installed at one of Africa’s largest wind farms.

Bankable marine energy projects

Bankable marine energy projects

MET-CERTIFIED is an Interreg 2 Seas project under the programme priority “Low carbon technologies”. It aims to increase the adoption of insurable and therefore bankable marine energy projects in the 2 Seas region through the development of internationally recognised standards and certification schemes in the sector.

Renewables Certification
Regulation & Supervision Bureau, UAE

Capital expenditure assessment in the United Arab Emirates

Capital expenditure assessment of the water and electricity transmission and distribution companies.

Energy policy, economics and environment

Global financial institution

operational risk management

Western Europe
Offshore wind FEED studies

East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm development in the United Kingdom

DNV GL provided a diverse range of market leading advisory services during the development of the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm.

Western Europe

Effective regulatory regime in the United Arab Emirates

Developing an effective regulatory regime to foster ESCO development and establishment in Dubai.

Middle East
Electricity end use study

Electricity and water end use study

Unique insights into how the power and water is delivered and used

Sustainable use of energy
Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation

Electricity and water production in Qatar

Study all possible options to meet current and future demand of electricity and water production using only the current gas quantities by minimising gas utilisation.

Industrial energy management
Smart meter rollout in Turkey

Exploring smart metering in Turkey

Replacing the majority of electricity meters with smart meters in Turkey

Smart metering
Offshore monopile

FOWIND: Facilitating Offshore Wind in India

To promote offshore wind power development in order to facilitate India’s transition towards a low carbon energy future

Asia Pacific
Power Cable

HVDC Nordlink interconnector Norway-Germany

Assessment of suppliers capabilities to manage protection and control software development.

Western Europe

ISO 9001 standard update

Support organizations with a customized roadmap to become compliant to this new ISO 9001 version.

Western Europe
Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana wind farm in Kenya

Advising on a 400 kV Kenyan transmission line connecting one of Africa’s largest wind farms to the national grid.

Wind energy
Renewables Africa

Lenders technical advisor in South Africa

Providing technical advisory services for a large contingent of renewable energy IPPs on behalf of senior debt lenders.

Tree at spring against the sun and pv-panel

Microgrid distributed energy resources

Technology and business impact analysis

Northern America
adwec power plant

NDC Performance testing in the United Arab Emirates

Third party services for NDC performance tests and supplementary tests concerning independent power producers representing 14 power plants.

Project certification Arkona offshore wind farm

Project Certification Arkona offshore wind farm

378 MW, 35 km northeast of Rügen Island in the Baltic Sea

Renewables Certification
Offshore platform case

Project Certification DanTysk accommodation platform for offshore wind farms

A five and a half-storey house of steel

Renewables Certification