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Rural Areas Electricity Company

Asset assessment study in Oman

Objective is to determine the optimal mix of plants and improve performance by diversifying the plant mix and fuel selection.

Asset management
Regulation & Supervision Bureau, UAE

Capital expenditure assessment in the United Arab Emirates

Capital expenditure assessment of the water and electricity transmission and distribution companies.

Energy policy, economics and environment

Effective regulatory regime in the United Arab Emirates

Developing an effective regulatory regime to foster ESCO development and establishment in Dubai.

Middle East
Electricity end use study

Electricity and water end use study

Unique insights into how the power and water is delivered and used

Sustainable use of energy
Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation

Electricity and water production in Qatar

Study all possible options to meet current and future demand of electricity and water production using only the current gas quantities by minimising gas utilisation.

Industrial energy management
adwec power plant

NDC Performance testing in the United Arab Emirates

Third party services for NDC performance tests and supplementary tests concerning independent power producers representing 14 power plants.

Middle East
Jordan Solar

Seven solar power plants in Jordan

Independent engineering services for six of the seven PV solar power plants.

Solar energy

SHAMS CSP plant in the United Arab Emirates

Commissioning support and performance testing of the 100 MW SHAMS CSP plant.

Solar energy
National Electric Power Co

Smart grid application assessment in Jordan

Assessing the current state, identifying the current vision and useful applicable smarter technologies.

Smart grids
Emergency control centre

Transmission grid control centre upgrade

Advisory services for establishing a new state-of-the-art backup control centre and replacement of the existing load dispatch centre