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Certification and conformance testing

DNV GL's battery and energy storage certification and conformance testing provides high-quality, standards-based assessment of your energy storage components

certificates reports

International standards
Testing is carried out in accordance with relevant international standards. This could include:

  • IEC 61427 Secondary cells and batteries for renewable energy storage
  • IEEE P2030.3 Standard for Test Procedures for Electric Energy Storage Equipment and Systems for Electric Power Systems Applications
  • USABC, IEC 62133, UL 1642
  • UL 1973 and abuse testing
  • UL 1547 Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems (field test)

Cell and module test types
The DNV GL BEST Test & Commercialization Center offers an extensive range tests for cells and modules:

  • Cell capacity
    • Amp-hr and kW-hr
  • Cell efficiency
    • Round trip discharge rate to cycle type
  • Accelerated life cycle
    • Number of cycles for discharge to charge (80%)
  • Cell safety
    • overvoltage, environmental (temperature)
  • Battery management system
    • communications verification (control/self protect to environment)
  • Battery rating, charge / discharge / trip control
    • peak and nominal ratings, control information
  • Battery cell balancing
    • Cell state of charge (SOC) control
  • Battery state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH)
    • accuracy and loss cell monitoring/tracking
  • Battery performance of application cycles
    • cell combinations properly controlled through variety of applications