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Synergi Pipeline software for efficient pipeline operation

Efficient pipeline operations

Synergi Pipeline software enables safe and efficient pipeline operations, documents risk, tracks regulatory compliance and gives a clear overview of the integrity of offshore and onshore pipelines and gas distribution network components.

What you get

  • Software for proactive integrity and risk management of offshore and onshore pipelines, including gas, liquid,  and slurry pipelines and gas distribution networks
  • Support for the complete PDCA cycle (plan, do, check, act) and data management platform
  • Defining your company-specifc threats and building of your own risk models in a white box modelling environment
  • Instant risk overview of your pipeline systems
  • Inspection and regulatory compliance scheduling, tracking and field collection
  • Enables safe and cost-efficient operation, maintenance and life extension
  • Planning, execution and tracing of all integrity management activities
  • ILI assessment and integration options to ERP and GIS systems
  • An intuitive overview of the design of your cathodic protection (CP) system and possibilities to assess the proper functioning of the system

Pipeline integrity management software and services

Pipeline operators have increasingly stringent regulatory requirements to comply with, but at the same time ever more opportunities to benefit at all levels from advances in technology. Synergi Pipeline supports integrity and risk management in all phases of your asset’s lifecyle, from assessing the pipeline’s risk to managing and analysing inspection data, to planning mitigation actions. Our pipeline experts at DNV GL are involved in developing many of the pipeline standards and have extensive expertise on onshore and offshore pipeline operation. We offer support with services, such as risk assessment, MAOP verification, failure investigation, and evaluation of integrity management procedures.

Key benefits of Synergi Pipeline

  • All pipeline data saved in one central data management system
  • Enables compliance to best practice industry standards and codes
  • White box modelling and risk analysis
  • Efficient analysis of large data amounts
  • Powerful assessment tools to identify anomalies
  • Dynamic visual analysis of pipeline data
  • Integration with existing GIS and ERP systems
  • Standard set-up with configuration options (risk and analytical models, pipeline data, risk matrix)
  • Web-based system easily accessible with role-based access control

Synergi Consulting

The professional Software Consulting experts utilize industry best practices, combining engineering domain knowledge with product based software solutions, to help you maximize your return on investment and get the solution in place.