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定量风险评估软件简化版 - Safeti Lite

A direct approach to conducting basic QRA





Safeti Lite - a baseline QRA software for the process industry

Basic QRA

Safeti Lite software offers a direct approach to conducting basic Quantitative Risk Analysis with an emphasis on traditional outputs of risk contours and FN curves.

What you get

  • DNV GL's vast expertise and knowledge on Quantitative Risk Analysis integrated into a simple-to-use software tool
  • Access to the world's leading consequence analysis tool, Phast (Phast is the basis of the consequence calculations)

Safe design and operation of hazardous facilities

Quantitative Risk Analysis is increasingly being used in the process industries to inform many aspects of the safe design and operation of hazardous facilities. Safeti Lite offers a ready and direct platform to conduct a simple baseline QRA.

With Safeti Lite you can

  • Conduct a QRA of a chemical/process facility
  • Generate traditional QRA outputs such as risk contours (shown on location maps) and FN curves
  • Generate other risk metrics such as Fatal Accident Rate (FAR) and Potential Loss of Life (PLL) 
  • Perform extensive consequence analysis using Phast (which is integrated into the program)