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DNV GL 在阿纳姆的大容量实验室是全世界最大的针对中压、高压和特高压输配电设备进行独立试验和认证的实验室。


Yansong Luo Yansong Luo
Business line Director TIC APAC


High Voltage Laboratory Arnhem

The KEMA High-Voltage Laboratory is a well-known independent laboratory for testing and certification of medium and high voltage components used in the electrical infrastructure. Our customers are manufacturers and utilities world-wide, in particular Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East.

DNV GL 在荷兰阿纳姆的大容量实验室是全世界最大的针对中压、高压和特高压输配电设备进行独立试验和认证的实验室。它可依据国际和区域性标准为全球的电力公司和设备制造商提供短路、开合和机械测试与认证。

该实验室是世界首家可对1200 kV 断路器进行全极短路试验的实验室。它还拥有在试验端口高达8,400 MVA的最高短路容量通过四台短路发电机并联工作实现。

行业领先的设施,以及经验丰富的高素质测试工程师,可在测试所有类型的输配电元件时确保最大程度的灵活性、效率和成本效益。一旦试验成功完成,您的元件将会获得全球电力行业认可的KEMA 型式试验证书,它是质量和可靠性的凭证。


  • 电缆和电缆配件
  • 绝缘子
  • 电力变压器和互感器
  • 中压、高压和特高压开关设备
  • 配电柜和其他元件


  • 短路
  • 开合
  • 内部燃弧
  • 电弧试验
  • 机械耐久性

The KEMA High-Voltage Laboratory issues Type Test Certificates and Test Reports for tests on cables, cable accessories, insulators, power transformers, instrument transformers, GIS, switchgear, panels and other components. We have several flexible test bays available and can work for clients in parallel.

For on-site testing we operate several transportable test facilities for commissioning and maintenance, tests on medium and high voltage cables and overhead lines, complete substations, power transformers and generators. For example: a series resonant voltage source for commissioning tests of cables up to 250 kV/80 A with partial discharge measurements. And 0,1 Hz test vans to detect weak spots in medium voltage cable systems.

The KEMA High-Voltage laboratory is a member of STL, IEC and CIGRE.

Our test engineers and technicians are highly qualified and experienced in (type) testing of medium and high voltage components. We provide very efficient and cost effective testing of your components. Maximum flexibility is offered for meeting your requirements.