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Substation configuration language tool testing

Test procedures for substation engineering and device configuration tools to comply with IEC 61850 standards for open interoperability.


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Substation configuration language tools

Substation automation
Electric utilities are challenged to maintain grid reliability over a wide range of operating conditions and to extend the operating life of key assets. Substation automation has been introduced for this goal. It is used for monitoring, controlling and protecting a power system through real-time information from primary processes in a substation. The goal of the standard is interoperability: equipment from different manufacturers exchange information and use this information for their own functions.

DNV GL and IEC 61850
Since the early 2000s, DNV GL (formerly known as KEMA) is heavily involved in the IEC 61850 standardization process. We facilitate efficient implementation of IEC 61850 by manufacturers and support a smooth introduction of the standard. DNV GL runs an independent (Level A) test center for IEC 61850 and carries out conformance tests in the DNV GL laboratories in Arnhem and Singapore or on-site globally. In addition, DNV GL offers training, consultancy and software solutions to help customers in the area of IEC 61850-based substation automation activities.

What’s happening in our IEC 61850 industry?
Successful implementation of IEC 61850 depends on having good – vendor independent – substation configuration language tools. SCL tools have to ensure smooth integration of the primary and secondary functions of a substation and the configuration of end-devices responsible for the protection and control of a substation. At DNV GL we took the initiative to work with a select group of manufacturers to develop UCAIug conformance test procedures for substation engineering and device configuration tools based upon Edition 2 of the IEC 61850 standard. These conformance test procedures ensure that verified tools comply with the basic rules in the IEC 61850 standard and guarantee the first level of interoperability.

What is the challenge?
DNV GL has finalized the first release of the conformance test procedures for substation engineering and device configuration tools. Furthermore we have performed the first pilot conformance tests with leading manufacturers of substation automation equipment. Upon successful completion of the pilot tests DNV GL became accredited by the UCAIug. With achieving this accreditation DNV GL has complemented its conformance test portfolio for IEC 61850 and we are ready to issue the first conformance test certificate shortly.