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An Ocean between the Waves


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A sea change is underway that affects the approach of companies seeking to provide energy-related products and services to residential customers. A rapidly-expanding landscape of cross industry solution providers from energy, telecommunications, data, security, and service sectors represent a powerful mix of current and potential players. They are battling for the prizes of the winning business models – all seeking to formulate a superior value proposition that will resonate with residential consumers. 


The residential customer, faced with a growing list of choices, needs to understand their costs and benefits. What is emerging to allow customers to make complex choices simpler for households to understand and choose? 

Jack Welch Quote The need to understand these issues and formulate winning strategies is urgent as the market evolves at an accelerating rate. Growth, investment, and innovation strategies are complex and interwoven. Companies are competing in a market with high fragmentation, blurred lines, and a large share of customers who are waiting to see how the dust settles. 

This is a unique inflection point for the industry where winners and losers are being determined today. It is not a zero sum game—some segments will gain at the expense of others. Sitting back and waiting for the waves to pass will not leave calm seas to navigate – the pace and challenges will persist.   

Navigating These Converging Dynamics

DNV GL has launched a ground breaking study to explore how a broad range of sectors and key players are developing vision and mission-critical strategies to address and anticipate the customer’s needs in this converging landscape. Key areas we will explore with Study Members include:

  • What will be the key triggers that unlock a new era of innovation, technology advancements, capital investments, and partnerships? 
  • How do you align your future business strategies with what customers value? 
  • How do you chart your strategic and tactical course if the decisions you make today could become quickly irrelevant tomorrow by an unanticipated innovation or solution?

DNV GL’s multi-client approach is uniquely suited to address these core challenges (and opportunities). Convergence Study Members must enroll in Q1 2016 to participate in this senior, strategic, and exclusive study. This study is not public, nor will the results be available to companies who are not participating as members. 

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Soner Kanlier
Soner Kanlier 
Vice President - Competitive Energy Markets

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Bob Powell BlueEarth
Bob Powell
BlueEarth Inc.

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Jeff Conklin   
Jeff Conklin  
Vice President - Utility and Infrastructure Practice
and Technology, Media and Telecommunications Practice
J.D. Power

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Kristie Deiuliis
Kristie Deiuliis
Senior Principal Consultant

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