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The digital asset ecosystem

A new generation of advanced predictive analytics and asset data management


DNV GL's Digital Pipeline Ecosystem

Offshore and onshore natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon pipelines pass through remote regions, oceans and wilderness, but also through densely populated areas. Despite increasingly strict regulations and safety investments we see catastrophic incidents that harm the environment and lead to fatalities every year. Many of these accidents could be avoided with systems that improve decision-making.

Pipeline operators are beginning to realize that they’re dealing with a major disconnect, and they are paying hidden costs. A pipeline’s initial design can lock in 90% of the lifetime cost and limit the scope for change in safety management procedures. Lifecycle management, including a vast amount of valuable and sometimes unstructured data, is not brought in to day-to-day operational processes. This leads to a lack of insight when crucial decisions are made. Up to 20% of operational budgets are wasted compensating for poor information management and inconsistencies in information across processes.

A step change in the industry is needed. Our software development is now being structured around our new digital asset ecosystems. The Digital Pipeline Ecosystem seamlessly combines the power of hydraulic modelling, leak detection, integrity management and safety assessment capabilities. Our tradition of engineering excellence and best practice is augmented with the power of advanced data analytics and utilizes the unlimited power and storage of cloud platforms. 

Digital pipeline ecosystem software
High level overview of our Digital Pipeline Ecosystem

VIDEO - DNV GL - Software Pipeline Ecosystem Overview

This short video provides a high level overview of our Digital Pipeline Ecosystem, including Synergi Pipeline, Synergi Gas, Synergi Pipeline Simulator and Synergi Water. The ecosystem not only supports making our pipelines safer, it also supports pipeline operators in making the entire pipeline system more efficient, increasing availability and throughput to meet steadily increasing demand. The Digital Pipeline Ecosystem is the platform for the future of pipeline management.

Watch the video for a high level overiew of our Digital Pipeline Ecosystem
Synergi Pipeline software for efficient pipeline operation

Synergi Pipeline - 管道完整性管理软件解决方案


管道完整性管理软件解决方案 - Synergi Pipeline
Synegi Gas software for gas simulation and optimization

Synergi Gas - 先进的水力模拟仿真软件


先进的水力模拟仿真软件 - Synergi Gas
Synergi Pipeline Simulator software for hydraulic modelling of pipeline design

Synergi Pipeline Simulator - 管道设计与性能优化模拟软件


管道设计与性能优化模拟软件 - Synergi Pipeline Simulator
Synergi Water software for water quality analysis and hydraulic modelling

Synergi Water - 智能水网模拟仿真软件

Synergi Water is a simulation software package used to model and analyse closed conduit networks of pipes, regulators, valves, pumps, reservoirs, tanks, wells and boreholes.

智能水网模拟仿真软件 - Synergi Water