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定量风险QRA及RAM分析 and CFD simulation

Maros and Taro RAM analysis software

The assured performance of oil and gas assets is key to obtaining a return on the significant investment required for exploration, production and processing. Both maintenance strategies and production losses caused by downtime due to equipment failures need to be understood at design time and onward, throughout the entire lifecycle of the asset.  

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM) analysis allows you to simulate the entire lifetime performance of an asset in terms of availability, production efficiency and profitability. By using this well-established analytical method, you are able to predict problems before they occur. RAM analysis is performed in design and operation, from upstream oil and gas extraction through processing and transport logistics to the delivery of refined products to the customer. Armed with a complete analysis of a system's performance, you can vary system configurations, maintenance strategies and operational initiatives to determine the optimum approach for your enterprise.

DNV GL has over 30 years of experience in developing the world-leading RAM analysis tools for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. With a global user base of major operators and engineering companies, we meet the unique demands of the oil and gas industry, where users analyse and predict performance  with assured results on a daily basis around the world.

Maros RAM analysis for upstream oil and gas
石化上游性能预测分析软件 - Maros

Maros - 石化上游性能预测分析软件

Maros is an advanced RAM analysis (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) tool specifically developed for the upstream oil and gas industry. It includes extensive features for modelling flow networks, maintenance strategies, typical upstream oil and gas operations, transport logistics and storage tanks.

Maros Lite RAM analysis software
简化版 - Maros Lite

Maros Lite - 简化版

Maros Lite is a cost-effective and entry-level solution for basic reliability studies and modelling to represent real life scenarios, allowing you to analyse and improve production efficiency. It is based on the Maros and Taro simulator.

简化版 - Maros Lite
Taro refinery design and petrochemical plant process
整体资产评估及优化软件 - Taro

Taro - 整体资产评估及优化软件

With Taro you can model complex process plant systems and make optimal decisions on design, operation and maintenance based on quantitative performance analysis.

整体资产评估及优化软件 - Taro
Maros and Taro Sensitivit Manager module
敏感度分析模块 Maros 和Taro - Sensitivity Manager

敏感度分析模块 Maros 和Taro - Sensitivity Manager

Sensitivity Manager allows you to manage and investigate multiple scenarios to ensure optimum performance. Sensitivity Manager incorporates the Maros and Taro simulation engine, and is based on more than 30 years of experience assisting oil and gas companies to identify optimum design configuration, maintenance strategy and operational risk.

敏感度分析模块 Maros 和Taro - Sensitivity Manager