Digital trust

Managing risks and opportunities of increasingly data-driven operations and finding new ways of building trust
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Get insights into what it takes to trust data-driven and digitalized operations in high-risk industries, and where digital technologies, such as blockchain, can introduce new ways of building trust between stakeholders.

Insights: Digital Trust

Towards trustworthy industrial AI systems

DNV GL recently released a position paper giving perspectives on what needs to be considered in developing verification processes and the assurance of AI systems in industrial contexts. Read this summary of its main points.

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The three-pillar approach to cyber security: Data and information protection

Data and information protection comprise the third and most important pillar of a sound cyber security strategy. It is crucial to consider the ‘CIA triad’ when considering how to protect our data.

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The three-pillar approach to cyber security: processes are crucial

But processes are nothing if people don’t follow them correctly.

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Do you trust your data? The role of assurance in algorithm and model data

In an increasingly automated world where decisions are based on results from models and algorithms, focus on the data fed into these is of paramount importance.

  • Oil and gas

How DNV GL’s acquisition of a small Norwegian company is changing the risk and consequence software market

In October 2017, DNV GL acquired the small Norwegian company ComputIT and with it the well-established computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code, KFX Exsim. The KFX CFD tool strengthened our market position within the risk and consequence segment. DNV GL now offers a full range of tools for risk assessment and consequence analysis of accidental releases of hydrocarbon or toxic materials, as well as fires. Our risk and reliability and quantitative risk analysis (QRA) software portfolio now ranges from Phast and Safeti, efficient and well-established integral model tools, to the 3D KFX simulator for gas dispersion, fires and explosions.

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