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  • Oil Laboratory Arnhem brochure
    25 October 2016 | Energy | Brochure

    Oil Laboratory Arnhem brochure

    Oil analysis, the foundation of equipment reliability
  • Electrical engineering services brochure
    01 October 2016 | Energy | Brochure

    Electrical engineering services to the wind industry

    DNV GL provides independent electrical engineering advisory services for the onshore wind and solar PV markets
  • MV Switchgear Testing
    08 April 2016 | Laboratories | Brochure

    MV Switchgear testing

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  • Transformer Rectifier Testing
    08 March 2016 | Laboratories | Brochure

    Transformer rectifier testing

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  • Expert services to the wind industry brochure
    07 March 2016 | Energy | Brochure

    Expert services to the wind industry

    The DNV GL portfolio of project services and our approach to Client collaboration to enhance the safety, reliability and performance of wind projects
  • CLAIRE visual anaytics toolkit
    27 January 2016 | Energy | Brochure

    CLAIRE visual analytics tool

    Gain data-driven insight and a clear overview to make informed decisions
  • Project Certification PV Power Plants
    16 September 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Project certification of photovoltaic power plants

    Demonstrate the quality, performance and safety of your solar project
  • Grid Code Compliance for Solar
    15 September 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Grid Code Compliance for Solar

    Certification according to BDEW 2008, Transmission Code 2007, FGW, IEC and international grid codes
  • Solar Grid Integration
    14 September 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Solar Grid Integration Services

    A proactive approach to successfully integrating solar into the power grid
  • EDA
    09 September 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Energy Data Analytics

    DNV GL embraces the trend towards data analytics in the energy industry and offers advisory services that help utilities realize the full benefits through alignment of business systems, IT and processes.
    20 August 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    IEC 62439 PRP & HSR testing

    Supporting utilities in selecting the correct equipment
  • Resale
    19 August 2015 | Energy | Brochure


    Securing risks and performance during solar PV asset transactions
  • Smarter Operations
    18 August 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Smarter Operations brochure

    DNV GL delivers safe and effective asset management - applying an integrated approach to boost revenue and reduce costs across your fleet.
  • Climate Action Plans
    16 July 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Energy master planning and climate action plans

  • Climate Planning Services
    16 July 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Climate planning services

  • Improved Measuring System for performance assessments
    22 June 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Improved Measuring System for performance assessments

    Improved Measuring System for performance assessments
  • Solar and Storage
    27 May 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Solar and storage services

    Managing the challenges and opportunities of deploying energy storage with solar generation
  • Corporate Energy Brochure
    12 May 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Energy brochure

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  • Flex Power Lab
    12 May 2015 | Laboratories | Brochure

    Smarter Testing for Tomorrow's Smart Grid

    Flex Power Grid Laboratory, Arnhem (the Netherlands)
  • DNV GL in Southern Africa
    12 May 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    DNV GL in Southern Africa

    Selected project references
  • Increasing energy efficiency in Dubai with ESCO's
    12 May 2015 | Energy | Brochure

    Increasing Energy Efficiency in Dubai with ESCOs

    With an established, comprehensive regulation system for ESCOs Dubai is paving the way to meet its energy effi ciency goals