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HL71 KMI Wire and Cable

150 kV 2000 mm² power cable

Full power cable type test

KEMA Laboratories
Cabelte, Portugal

220 kV cable system

Type tests

KEMA Laboratories
HL67 Phelps Dodge International

230 kV cable system of 1 x 2500 mm²

Prequalification test

KEMA Laboratories
Chalfont Laboratory

245 kV SPV disconnector

Momentary and short-time short-circuit current tests

KEMA Laboratories
ABB 765 kV transformer

315 MVA, 765 kV single phase generator step up transformer

First-ever independent ultra-high-voltage component tests

KEMA Laboratories
HL71 General Cable France

320 kV HVDC cable system

An extended type test program

KEMA Laboratories
Hayat Power Cable Systems, Uzbekistan

33 kV power cable of 1 x 300 mm²

Type tests

KEMA Laboratories
HL71 Shandong Taikai China 38 kV circuit breaker

38 kV three-phase air-insulated outdoor vacuum circuit-breaker

Short-circuit performance tests

KEMA Laboratories
HL69 Royal Smit The Netherlands

3-phase 3-winding autotransformer

Short-circuit acceptance tests

KEMA Laboratories
HL69 Electrobudowa Poland

3-phase metal-enclosed bus

Tested in accordance with IEEE Std. C37.23

KEMA Laboratories
HL67 Trench Austria

420 kV, 50 kA, 3150 A, 50 Hz line trap

Short-circuit tests.

KEMA Laboratories
HL71 Shandong Taikai China 550 kV circuit breaker

550 kV Live tank circuit-breaker

Short-circuit and switching performance tests

KEMA Laboratories
Line differential protection relay

7SR18 line differential protection relay

Complete type testing according to IEC 60255-1

KEMA Laboratories
Air insulated vacuum generator circuit-breaker

Air insulated vacuum generator circuit-breaker testing

Super re-igniters have been developed to guarantee correct arc duration

KEMA Laboratories
Ante Leco DDSF949 electronic energy meter 358x320pxl

DDSF949 electronic single-phase energy meter with accuracy class 1

Complete type testing according to IEC 62052-11 and IEC 62053-21

KEMA Laboratories
BHEL, India

Delta and tap-off bus duct

Peak withstand current test of 850 kA and 842 kA

KEMA Laboratories
HL66 Finelcomp

Distribution board enclosure systems

Design verification of 2501 A and 1251 A panels.

KEMA Laboratories
Extreme short circuit testing

Extreme short circuit testing of power transformers

2016 was the first year a 700+ kV transformer underwent a full short-circuit test in our KEMA Laboratory

KEMA Laboratories
HL67 Alstom Grid Solutions

Gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS)

Temperature-rise test at 6300 A current.

KEMA Laboratories
HL69 General Electric

Generator circuit breaker

Type tests

KEMA Laboratories
HL67 Mersen France

High voltage current-limiting back-up fuse-links

Breaking tests with a rated voltage of 24 kV.

KEMA Laboratories