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We are helping the industry in Africa to create a future in which growing populations experience a high quality of life. To achieve this, we are focusing our wealth of knowledge and experience in energy to develop a range of dedicated services aimend at solving the unique challenges faced by industry and society in this region.

resource assessment

Resource & Energy Assessment

DNV GL provides a suite of pre and post construction Energy assessment services, to give you and your customers confidence in your onshore wind energy forecasts, based on actual operational data and advanced analytic techniques.

As a trusted, independent partner, we can give your energy forecasts the credibility to reassure your stakeholders. Our resource assessment service gives a completely impartial estimate of your plants energy output. Read more about our onshore wind and solar energy assessments.

Solar due diligence

Project Due Diligence

Renewables Due diligence from DNV GL assesses the technical risks of a renewable energy project, ensuring an independent evaluation for developers, owners, investors and other parties to rely upon.

Financial institutions intending to invest in or acquire a renewable energy project frequently require an independent third party to conduct a technical due diligence assessment of the project, to identify any potential risks. To ensure a successful transaction, the project and financial institutions need detailed expertise from independent engineers experienced in renewable energy, across the globe.

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operational services

Operational services

Helping you navigate the challenges in all phases of a renewable energy plant development to maximize return on investment.

Renewable Energy plant operators face many challenges before ensuring their investment is worthwhile. Plant underperformance can arise through poorly executed work during commissioning, due to contractor or equipment quality issues. They can also occur during operation as a result of equipment degradation or unexpected problems: product failure, connection issues, etc.

Read more about operational services in PV power plants here.

grid integration

Grid services

DNV GL’s Renewable Interconnection and Integration Studies asses the network reliability consequences of increasing levels of renewables.

Consumers and regulatory bodies are demanding increasing use of renewable energy. But these new sources are typically intermittent and have very different electrical characteristics to conventional generating capacity. DNV GL’s Renewable Interconnection and Integration Studies assess the system-wide impact of increased renewable use, allowing TSOs and DNOs to integrate renewables without harming network reliability.

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wind measurement

Testing & Measurement

Comprehensive in-field Warranty and verification testing ensures onshore wind turbines deliver optimal performance in any location.

Wind turbines are getting bigger and their control centres are getting more complicated. It’s more important than ever to test whether a turbine delivers its specified output and reaches the warranted power curve, while meeting respective grid code requirements. Any underperformance can lead to difficulties with grid integration, shortfalls in energy production and result in financial penalties for the manufacturer.

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Wind inspection

Wind turbine inspections

Independent, objective inspections of onshore and offshore wind turbines keep all stakeholders in the picture.

Inspecting the condition of wind turbines is vital at various stages of the project lifecycle. It allows all interested parties to reassure themselves of the quality of the turbine’s fabrication, maintenance and performance. In some countries, regular inspections are a legal requirement; and many insurance companies insist on them when issuing a policy.

DNV GL offers a complete range of Inspection services for onshore and offshore wind turbines and their components. Our Inspections provide completely objective and independent information on:

- The condition of wind turbines and assets
- The performance of maintenance and repairs

This helps you reduce risks, reassure stakeholders and meet regulations.

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WindHelm and SunHelm portfolio management software

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