Renewables Integration Studies

What are the impacts of renewable integration to your grid?

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 Renewable Integration Studies in the Middle East
Grid penetration of renewable energy resource including wind and solar generation units and storage systems have significantly increased across the globe. This trend, driven largely by environmental and economic benefits along with governments' incentives, has put renewed focus on grid code requirements and grid integration challenges.

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Our Renewable Integration service helps power producers, utilities and grid planners better plan renewable energy developments, and reliably accommodate generation projects into the grid. Whatever your business – renewable generation development, independent power producer (IPP), utilities or grid operation and planning – we work with you across the globe to solve your challenges.

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Generation of Energy - Solar

Providing access to new sources of energy

The Middle East and Africa market is on the brink of some industry changing renewables projects. By helping to develop projects in these regions and demonstrating the success they can achieve, DNV GL is helping the regions to reduce their dependency on foreign imports and fossil fuels by providing access to new sources of energy. Removing the barriers to both solar and wind energy adoption is essential to strengthen local energy production

Generation of Energy - Onshore

In-depth knowledge

Utilities and regulators have been finding it increasingly challenging to integrate more renewables for various reasons, which include the shift of network operation regime to cope with intermittency of renewables. With our in-depth knowledge of the regional development, we firmly believe our local experience will be beneficial in providing a cost effective solution while achieving a design that is reliable and resilience for the foreseeable future.