Electricity Distribution Benchmarking

The Distribution Benchmarking Forum (DBF) lets you assess your service performance, identify areas for improvement, implement best practices and learn from industry leaders

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Power utilities face a huge challenge to meet rapidly growing demand for electricity while managing ageing assets effectively, improving efficiency and fulfilling regulatory requirements. Benchmarking is a crucial tool for understanding how well you are meeting this challenge, and identifying potential improvements.

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The Distribution Benchmarking Forum (DBF) was historically established in 2012 on the initiatives of Electricity Holding Company (EHC) owned by the Omani government with the goal of “measuring performance to improve”. To enable that goal, the EHC DNV GL to act as the DBF’s independent benchmarking expert and secretary. DBF members can draw on DNV GL’s extensive global experience of benchmarking projects and analyses. The vision of the DBF is “To be a forum for participants to share experiences, learn from each other, and improve performance through benchmarking.

The forum is now open for other DNOs to join as participating member and share the benefit of it.
As a member, you get;

  • an annual overview of where your company stands
  • an understanding of where you can improve
  • opportunities to learn best practices from the peer group leading performers

In-depth analysis
As part of the membership of the Forum, Electricity Distribution Companies provide yearly data on key performance indicators. In return, we provide you with a thorough analysis showing how your performance compares to peer group, and describing how the top performers achieve their results.

The analysis looks at five major themes:

  • Network operation and performance
  • Customer services
  • Human Resource management
  • Financial performance
  • Health and safety

In addition, once a year you can attend a workshop with all Forum members to discuss results and share best practices.

A trusted and experienced partner
As a leading business and technical consulting partner to the global energy industry, we have established a strong reputation for international benchmarking. We’ve delivered distribution benchmarking studies for companies around the globe. In addition, we’ve been active in transmission benchmarking analyses in 18 countries since 1998.

As a Forum member, you gain access to all this experience. To apply, please complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange your membership.

The Distribution Benchmarking Forum (DBF)