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Cyber Security

DNV GL helps you understand your risk and protect smart energy and other assets against ever-changing threats

CG Cyber Security

Our cyber security group can help you to understand the changing risks and vulnerabilities arising from the deployment of smart energy devices and the supporting infrastructure. However, we also take a wider view.

Extended reach, smarter security

Industries are becoming increasingly interconnected, so our cyber security reach extends beyond smart energy into other domains including oil and gas, maritime, telecommunications and the financial industry.

At DNV GL we focus on helping you understand how best to protect ever more complex and interconnected critical national infrastructure and associated assets. We have the expertise required to assess the whole value chain with cyber security services that extend from standardisation and process design, through risk assessment, to the quality assurance of systems and products.

Standards and Risk 

Services include Standards and Risk Advice, Security Risk Assessment and Management, Security Architecture and Compliance and Governance.

Testing and Evaluation 

Services delivered by our UKAS accredited Testing Laboratory, no. 9334, include New Product/System Testing, Common Criteria, Commercial Product Assurance, Penetration Testing and Business Vulnerability Assessment.

UKAS accredited testing laboratory, no. 9334, providing a range of CESG services.
UKAS accredited testing laboratory, no. 9334, providing a range of CESG services.

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