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DNV GL helps set cyber security standards at national and international level, so we're ideally placed to help protect your business

CG Cyber Security Standards and Risk

Our cyber security group can help you understand the constantly changing risks your organisation faces. More than that, we bring a wider perspective to the threat that cyber crime in general – and emerging cyber crime techniques – pose to business revenue and reputation.

Across the world, DNV GL experts work closely with leading cyber security industry bodies and commercial partners to ensure peace of mind for you, your customers and stakeholders.

As part of a comprehensive set of Smart Energy Services, DNV GL’s Cyber Security Standards and Risk services include:

Standards and Risk Advice

DNV GL is intimately involved in progressing the development of local and international security standards. We are therefore well placed to advise you on which security standards are in existence, which are emerging, and which are relevant to your business and operations. We can also offer training packages tailored to your specific needs.

Security Risk Assessment and Management

DNV GL can scope, define and value the assets within an organisation, thus facilitating a life cycle risk assessment and management process that Senior Management can understand and support. This applies to enterprise IT solutions and operational systems such as SCADA across multiple industries.

Security Architecture 

A DNV GL Security Architect can help you to design a security architecture that is commensurate with the intrinsic value of the assets that require protection within your organisation. Not only are defences considered at the boundary but internally as well. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) operate by stealth and may lie undetected for a long time; however, a secure architecture must be able to recognise the presence of these malefactors.

Compliance and Governance

DNV GL can provide 3rd party assurance that business processes and procedures are in alignment with international or local standards and directives.

DNV GL also operates a UKAS accredited testing laboratory, no. 9334, providing a range of services including: 

  • New Product/System Testing
  • Common Criteria and Commercial Product Assurance
  • Penetration Testing, and
  • Business Vulnerability Assessment.
UKAS accredited testing laboratory, no. 9334, providing a range of CESG services.
UKAS accredited testing laboratory, no. 9334, providing a range of CESG services.

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