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DNV GL helps you see the bigger picture, to understand your smart energy future and to achieve measurable success

Smart Syetems

Our smart systems team offers services around the ‘mid-term’ view (2020 and beyond) - where integration, big data, multi-channel smart services and decentralised energy (including the interplay between electricity, gas and heat) are the key focus areas. We help our clients understand the bigger picture; including the opportunities and risks that might be on offer; and the new value propositions that could be developed for future smart energy systems.

Our main services include:


We can provide roadmaps out to 2050, with a specific focus on smart energy systems. We look at supply-side and demand-side technologies, the enabling ICT and consumer-facing technologies. 

Bespoke Software Development

DNV GL can design, specify and build bespoke software for smart energy system modelling, evaluation and business case assessment. We can also help you to commercialise it, and manage the software and your clients’ interests.

Technical Specifications

We have an excellent working knowledge of technical standards and specifications. And where a standard or specification doesn’t exist, we can work jointly with you and your industry peers to develop one that will stand the test of time and be flexible enough to adapt to the changing smart energy landscape. We can also build rigorous testing regimes around specific standards or specifications.

Field Trial Design and Support

Whilst industry is often very good at designing field trials, the benefits case tends to get lost in the mix. To maximise the benefits of a field trial it’s important to understand the full rationale upfront and know how you intend to measure what constitutes success. DNV GL can help with design, benefits monitoring and benefits realisation.

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