EEUG Meeting 2018 (European EMTP-ATP Conference)


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DNVGL and EEUG logoDNV GL and the European EMTP-ATP Users Group is pleased to invite you to attend the annual two day EEUG Meeting, consisting of the annual Members’ Meeting and a technical session.

The technical session and the Members’ Meeting are open to all licensed ATP-EMTP users, whereas only EEUG members are authorized to vote for decisions at the Members’ Meeting.

Social events  
Delegates are cordially invited to enjoy the welcome reception, which will take place on Sunday, September 16th, between 18:00 and 20:00 at Best Western Plus Hotel Haarhuis. The social event will be held on Monday, September 17th, 2018 (starting at 17.30 hrs. at the conference venue, Regardz WTC Arnhem). The costs are included in the registration fees.

For a print version of the programme, click here.

Conference agenda

Sunday 16 September 2018

  • Time
  • 18:00 -20:00

    Welcome reception

    at the Best Western Plus Haarhuis Hotel, Stationsplein 1, Arnhem

Day 1, Monday 17 September 2018

  • Time
  • 08:00 -08:45


  • 08:45 -09:30

    Welcome notes


    P. Kolmeijer

    Key Account Manager DNV GL

  • 09:30 -10:00

    EEUG Selected Paper

    Applicability of a new PI-sections cable model for calculation of fast transients - by A. Hoshmeh, U. Schmidt

  • 10:00 -10:30

    Coffe/Tea break & resfreshment

  • 10:30 -12:00

    Modelling I (chaired by K. Velitsikakis)

    Development of a real-time simulator using EMTP-ATP foreign models for testing relays - by F.E. Renzo, R.N. Lise

    Real-time hybrid simulator using ATP-EMTP - by H. Wehrend

    Application of the ATP package to transient stability studies - by J.A. Martinez-Velasco

    Monte Carlo simulation of lightning strikes to transmission lines inh ATPDraw 7.0 - by H.K. Høidalen

  • 12:00 -13:00


  • 13:00 -14:30

    Industry Application I (chaired by F. Moore)

    Lightning overvoltage investigation due to backflashovers in a mixed 380-kV HVAC line - by S. Papenheim, P. Malicki, M. Kizilcay

    Lightning insulation coordination for a 150 kV substation: practical implementation in EMTP/ATP - by K. Velitsikakis, C.S. Engelbrecht, I. Tannemaat

    Switching transient study for a 400/225 kV HVAC transmission system - by J. Peng, D. Kho Tiong Aik, K. Smith, N. Sweeney

    Insulation cordination study on a 400 kV series reactor: TRVs and CBs performances - by A. Mansoldo, S. Bhattacharya, A. Sharma

  • 14:30 -15:00

    Coffee/Tea break & refreshment

  • 15:00 -16:30

    Analysis & Apparatus I (chaired by H.K. Høidalen)

    On the modelling and simulation of induced currents in underground distribution systems and their effect on overcurrent protection schemes - by N. Solís-Ramos, A. Jara-Morales, C.R. Fuerte-Esquivel

    Testing of fast transfer relay by an EMTP-based approach - by W. Wu, M. Popov, S.A. de Clippelaar

    Control of transient recovery voltages in high power testing - by B.V. Vélez, I.O. Sagarduy

    Calculation of inter-system faults between 110 kV/16.7 Hz and 380 kV/50 Hz overhead lines - by S. Daniel, G. Lichtenberger, M. Westenthanner, J. Walther

  • 17:30

    Social event

    starts at the conference venue, Regardz WTC Arnhem


Day 2, Tuesday 18 September 2018

  • Time
  • 09:00 -10:30

    Analysis & Apparatus II (chaired by M. Kizilcay

    Protecting large power synchronous motor against switching overvoltages - by T. Pham, D. Corbet, C. Vollet

    Challenges in energizing a 400 kV shunt reactor: a case of study - by S. Bhattacharya, S. Mahapatra, A. Mansoldo, A. Sharma

    400 kV circuit breaker failure during de-energization of an overhead line and shunt reactor - by F. Moore, F. Ghassemi, A. Pashaei

    On the energization of large offshore grids: challenges & mitigations - by K. Velitsikakis, C.S. Engelbrecht, K. Jansen, B. van Hulst

  • 10:30 -11:00

    Coffee/Tea break & resfreshment

  • 11:00 -12:30

    Modelling II (chaired by I. Tannemaat)

    EEUG guest presentation I
    Investigation and modelling of spacer camper arcing during helicopter live work - by A. Philips, C. Engelbrecht, E. Engdahl

    Evaluation of fault arc clearance in a monopolar full bridge MMC HVDC system: preliminary results- by S. Papenheim, D. Potkrajac, M. Kizilcay

    TransXplorer – A tool for the analysis of time-dependent electromagnetic recordings - by B. Küchler, U. Schmidt

    EEUG guest presentation II
    Can ATP be used in big data studies? - by J.A. Martinez-Velasco

  • 12:30 -13:30


  • 13:30 -14:00

    Conference closure

  • 14:00 -14:30

    Presentation KEMA Laboratories

  • 14:30 -15:00

    Coffee/Tea break & refreshment

  • 15:00 -17:00

    EEUG Member Meeting

  • Visit to the KEMA Laboratories (for non-members)

Wednesday 19 September 2018 - EEUG Training course

  • Time
  • 08:30 -16:30

    Calculation of lightning overvoltages Using EMTP-ATP


    J.A. Martinez-Velasco