Torsten Sevecke

State council, Hamburg Ministry of Economy, Traffic and Innovation


Dr Torsten Sevecke is the State Secretary of the Ministry for Economy, Transport, and Innovation (BWVI). He has been active in the Hamburg administration for more than 20 years, holding leading positions in a range of different areas, including legal, culture, interior, international, social and family, and urban development issues. Before joining the BWVI, he was the District Manager of Eimsbüttel, a district of the City of Hamburg with about 250,000 inhabitants. In 2016, he went on to become the Head of the Department for Innovation and Port in the BWVI before rising to his current position in 2018. His focus in the BWVI lies on economy and innovation, he is therefore responsible for the cluster oriented economic policy of the city and its renewable energy industry and cluster.

Torsten Sevecke