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KEMA Laboratories conference ‘Redefining Reliability and Resilience of Electric Grids’

DNV GL's KEMA Laboratories celebrates its 90th anniversary with this conference on the future of HV networks
KEMA Laboratories Arnhem 1927-2017

As you know, rising demand for electricity is driving big changes in T&D. Today, we are at the dawn of the supergrid era where large-scale, ultra-high voltage networks boost reliability and enable international energy trading. Supporting this advance, DNV GL recently extended our KEMA High-Power Laboratory in the Netherlands to create the world’s first facility for testing UHV components for supergrids and extend capacity. 

But where does the industry go from there? How will we meet future demands while ensuring a reliable, affordable and sustainable supply? Such globally important issues will require cooperation on a global scale from leaders across the industry. And that kind of cooperation starts with communication and mutual understanding. To kick-start this communication, we are inviting a limited guest list of decision makers from key players around the world to this one-day event. Together, we will discuss these questions in international working groups comprising representatives from utilities, equipment manufacturing and testing.  We look forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam in October. 

Lab tour Arnhem
On October 5, we will organize a laboratory tour through our new expanded lab. We kindly invite you to join us if it fits your agenda. Transportation from and to Amsterdam will be taken care of. After the lab tour a lunch will be served.
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