Power and renewables

RE-Source 2019 DNV GL breakfast panel

How digital tools are transforming renewable energy procurement

3 October 2019, 07:30 – 09:00, Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

Power price forecasting

Over the last years, the energy sector has seen big spurs in innovation, and energy procurement and generation has not been spared from the integration of digital technologies. A new suite of tools harnesses crucial data to move energy procurement to a user-friendly experience that is defined by efficiency and transparency, as well as a significant reduction in cost and time.

They empower energy professionals to better analyze the renewable sector and projects, make more informed decisions and implement more efficient processes for their businesses. Join us for an engaging breakfast panel to learn more about the digital transformation of corporate renewable procurement, the latest kind of tools and, how exactly they tackle the challenges that buyers and sellers are facing in a very complex sector.


07:30 - 08:00  Registration and breakfast
08:00 - 08:05  Welcome by DNV GL
08:05 - 08:20  Introduction of panelists
08:20 - 08:50  Panel discussion
08:50 - 09:00  Q&A with the audience


  • Caroline Brun Ellefsen (Global Head – Instatrust)
  • Paul Ferguson (Chief Commercial Officer – Becour)
  • Pierre Bartholin (PPA Sales Manager Europe – Lightsource BP)
  • Isabel Dorado (Product Marketing Expert - Innogy)
  • Rolph Zaman (Head of Feedstock and Energy – Borealis)


3 October 2019, 07:45 – 09:00, Hotel Okura, Amsterdam


Please note, to attend the DNV GL breakfast session you must be a participant of RE-Source 2019. You can register for RE-Source 2019 here.