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Carla Ribeiro Carla Ribeiro
Head of Department - Project Development UK & Ireland

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Carla is one of our senior renewable experts and has been an authority in the renewables industry for 13 years. Her expertise in energy data analytics helps improve the performance of onshore wind, offshore wind, and solar projects. With her team of more than 40 engineers and data-analytic experts, she supports many energy companies around the globe.

Did you know?
DNV GL predicts that by 2050, more than two thirds of electricity will be from wind turbines and solar PV panels, as producing power from wind and sunlight becomes cheaper than burning fossil fuels.

As more wind and solar farms are installed, maintaining and optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the new energy farms becomes important to ensure costs are kept low and return on investments made, while enhancing the production of existing assets, repowering them, or extending their lifetime.

Expertise in action: a project case
Wind due diligence in Norway

DNV GL has been an important part of the due diligence of the Bjerkreim cluster, a 294 MW group of wind farms in Norway. The German asset manager for renewable energy investments, Luxcara, recently entered long-term Power Purchase Agreements for 100% of the output and environmental attributes of the three contiguous wind projects.

Working alongside Norwegian developer, Norsk Vind Energi, and the owner and long-term operator of the wind farms, Luxcara, DNV GL’s experts conducted technical due diligence of the projects to identify and mitigate against technical and financial project risks, including site conditions, site suitability, turbine technology, construction contracts, grid connection, installation programme and permitting. The three wind farms, located near Stavanger, Norway, are comprised of 70 Siemens Gamesa 4.2 MW turbines.

DNV GL’s wind experts conducted a technical analysis of all three wind farm sites and undertook wind measurement campaign specifications, layout design, site meteorological conditions assessment, turbine selection and final energy yield assessment. The team also collaborated closely with the developer and turbine manufacturer to ensure that the selected turbine model best demonstrated the characteristics to operate within the challenging environment.

The challenging environment and complex site topography meant that DNV GL’s collaborative approach to turbine selection, layout and placement was crucial to guarantee maximum energy production over the life-time of each wind farm.

DNV GL and renewables
DNV GL has analysed more than 300 GWs of projects worldwide during the pre-construction phase and has gathered the biggest data-set of operational data analysed by an independent consultant, including the biggest operational data set of wind farms operating in cold climate conditions and offshore.

We have the biggest high resolution data set of wind and other meteorological data gathered by any private institution globally, and together with the operational data set from hundreds of wind and solar farms around the world, we are uniquely placed to further the knowledge in the science of predicting and improving renewable energy output.

Some of the things Carla can help you with:

  • Pre-construction wind and solar energy assessments
  • Operational wind and solar energy assessments
  • Wind farm site meteorological conditions assessments
  • SCADA based condition monitoring of wind assets
  • Short-term forecasting for wind and solar projects

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