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David has worked in renewable energy for 18 years; 16 of them at DNV GL. While overseeing a world class team of highly motivated and innovative engineers, his specific areas of technical expertise include numerical modelling of wind turbines, control algorithm design, engineering based cost modelling and software development.

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The energy industry is currently undertaking a transition towards a cleaner energy future, and by 2050, roughly 29 percent of all global electricity production will come from wind energy.

Optimising wind turbine design and maximising reliability will be crucial for the continued growth of the wind industry, while the target of subsidy-free wind farms mean achieving the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) will continue to be a key theme for all stakeholders in the industry.

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Over the past few years we have seen the cost of wind energy come to a point where subsidy-free projects are now a reality. This is a great achievement, but we can’t stop there. At DNV GL, our experts are committed to supporting the continued reduction in Levelized Cost of Energy. This is where our experts take an integrated design approach to support design decisions aimed at reducing capital cost and increasing energy yield.
David Witcher,
  • Business Director, Wind Turbine Engineering
  • DNV GL

Expertise in action: a project case 

Advanced control algorithm design in Asia
DNV GL’s Turbine Engineering Support department are working with a number of wind turbine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in Asia on advanced control algorithm design.

Areas of focus include:

  • The use of input from nacelle mounted Lidar to the control algorithm which can help to reduce turbine loading and pitch activity
  • On-line high frequency load estimation which can be used to estimate fatigue damage and inform supervisory control actions
  • Wind farm control design where the control of the entire wind farm is optimised to achieve increased energy capture and reduced fatigue loading through set point control and yaw alignment control.

As well as providing the control design services, our teams are also supporting through technology transfer, training and ongoing support through the implementation and validation stages.

DNV GL and wind   
DNV GL has been leading the industry to meet the most robust challenges for over 35 years. Through our world leading independent expertise in wind turbine technology, design and analysis, we support the industry to design more reliable and cost effective turbines, which maximises turbine performance.

We have been involved in the concept design of more than 15 different wind turbine concepts ranging from 1.0 MW to 20 MW.

Our world class control team have also pioneered the development of wind farm control techniques – where turbines are controlled as an integrated wind farm power station rather than simply as individual units

Some of the things David can help you with:

  • Technology evaluation
  • Numerical modelling & simulation
  • Cost modelling
  • Control system design and implementation
  • Structural and mechanical design support

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