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Michael Wilkinson Michael Wilkinson
Global Segment Leader, Energy Digitalization

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Michael is one of our digital technology experts, and leads DNV GL Energy’s digitalization activities as well as the development of new digital customer solutions. He has worked in the power and renewables sector for 15 years and has experience as an Engineering Doctorate Research Engineer, global operational wind farm analyst and operational renewables technology leader.

Did you know?
There’s a lot of hype around digitalization, but the application of digital technology (computers, connectivity, sensors, data and software) is a key enabler in the decarbonization and decentralization of the electricity sector.

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Some useful definitions:

  • Digitization – making things digital
  • Digitalization – application of digital technology to change business processes and the set of opportunities created by digitization
  • Digital Transformation – changing business models enabled by digitalization

Digitalization and new business models will allow electricity consumers to take a more active role in the electricity system. For example, supply and demand can be balanced by connecting embedded rooftop solar generation with consumer smart appliances which respond to price signals and record transactions automatically in a secure blockchain.

Expertise in action: Digitalization case study 
indGEMINI – an online digital twin for wind turbines
As the wind industry matures and takes on an increasingly important role in electricity generation, there is pressure to reduce costs and increase revenue; there is now little room for downtime and underperformance can no longer be tolerated. Wind farm owners and operators are seeking to actively manage turbine performance and reduce downtime while simultaneously decreasing maintenance costs and extending the life of assets beyond their original design life. DNV GL created an online digital twin – WindGEMINI – that retrieves data from wind farms and applies innovative algorithms and physics-based simulation models to automatically provide prognostic analytics and remaining life estimates for turbines and their components. Customers can quickly review the automated reports to optimize operations, and inform financial modelling and strategic decision-making processes. This is an example of how DNV GL is using digital technology to automate processes and create new value with deeper insights using advanced analytics.

DNV GL and Digitalization
As the power industry enters the digital age, DNV GL offers the skills, services and expertise to help unlock the power of digitalization, supporting customers to bring together complex data to answer energy system integration issues. DNV GL’s Veracity industry data platform enables low cost collaboration and innovation through the easy exchange of datasets, APIs, applications and insights. Our power automation services (power cybernetics) enable integral testing of hardware and software to help you keep control of today’s highly non-linear systems. Our grid modelling services support customers in looking into the impacts of higher renewables penetration on the grid. And our renewable forecasting services provide energy traders with the decision-making tools they need to optimize the use of various energy sources based on changes in the local network, weather, and the economics of supply.

Some of the things Michael can help you with
Michael’s activities span the energy value chain: from renewable generation, transmission and distribution, to energy management programmes.

In particular, Michael can help you with:

  • The application of digital technology across the electricity sector
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics
  • DNV GL’s Veracity industry data platform
  • Digital roadmaps and digital transformation

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