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Paul is one of our energy storage experts and a leader in the field, with more than 30 years’ experience in storage, renewables and electricity systems and integration, energy policy, and strategy.

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Did you know?
Solar photovoltaic, onshore wind, hydropower, and offshore wind together will account for 80% of global electricity production in 2050. The variability of solar and wind will require new sources of flexibility, including energy storage. The 2018 ETO shows a need for an additional global capacity of around 50 TWh by 2050.

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Energy Transition Outlook 2018

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Expert Story - Paul Gardner

Expertise in action: two project cases

Solar and storage
To measure the benefit of solar combined with battery storage for consumers and grid stability, Paul and his team supported an Enpuls project that involved deploying Tesla Powerwall batteries, electric water heaters, and rooftop solar at 40 homes. Homeowners had a dynamic, time-of-use tariff, took advantage of fluctuating prices, and used their batteries to provide ancillary services to Enpuls and earn more income.

With older, costlier batteries, the breakeven point for homeowners was about 10 years; but modern and cheaper batteries reduced that timeline to 7 years. To balance intermittent renewable generation, Enpuls found it could use smaller storage to dispatch electricity efficiently.

Supporting Turkey in reaching their renewable energy targets
The DNV GL storage team is performing a feasibility study for combined solar and energy storage solutions. The aim is to provide the Ministry’s Renewable Energy General Directorate with best practices for integrating energy storage in the upcoming solar auctions.

The project is part of Turkey’s strategic plan to reach the national renewable energy target of 30% of the total electricity generated from renewable source by 2030. DNV GL is working to identify specific prequalification and technical specification requirements that can lead to a lower levelized cost of energy from solar power in the country.

For the future, choosing the right contractual structures, with the necessary guarantees, is essential for a successful battery storage project. In fact, contracts can be more important than hardware.
Paul Gardner,
  • Global Segment Leader Energy Storage
  • DNV GL

DNV GL and energy storage 
We’re the leader in advisory services across the energy storage spectrum. DNV GL’s expert testing, verification, and certification solutions help you maximize value from your energy storage investments and minimize risk. Our extensive global track record of advisory and technical work for the electricity transmission and distribution industries offers deep experience with integrating storage into electricity networks and navigating electricity regulation. Further, Paul and his team have decades of advisory experience in the solar and wind industries—they know how and when energy storage can add value to renewables projects. The team also understands what’s happening in each geographic market: policy drivers, regulatory developments, and industry players.

Some of the things Paul can help you with:

  • Insights about storage bankability for developers, investors, and lenders
  • Advisory services technology, safety, and related risks
  • Services regarding contract structure, modelling, and financial due diligence

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