Knowing Data Centers and How to Optimize Operations

Meeting the unique energy efficiency requirements of data centers

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Data Centers

By 2021 energy use by data centers is expected to double, eclipsing other large energy consumers. Utilities have a unique opportunity to meet the needs of this emerging market segment. DNV GL offers a comprehensive Data Centers Energy Efficiency Program that utilizes our team of knowledgeable and data-center certified energy engineers, drawing on demonstrated success implementing energy efficiency projects for major utility clients. We offer an incentive-based program with components that recognize the unique needs of data center operations. 

Technologies and approaches

The DNV GL team has more than ten years of experience on new construction and retrofit project implementation for data centers. We apply a broad suite of solutions to lower data center energy use including: 

  • Airflow and climate management
  • Server configuration
  •  Optimized power distribution
  • Data center infrastructure management (DCIM)