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As the energy marketplace evolves, the ability to respond to—or even anticipate--the changing needs and requirements of energy consumers is becoming more and more essential. To meet these needs and maintain market share, stakeholders must answer several key questions: What do customers want and what do they need? What is driving their decisions about energy? How are usage patterns affecting the market? What are the motivators and challenges your customers are facing?
DNV GL’s Market Research capabilities can help you answer these questions and provide your customers with the services and products that will help them meet their goals, increasing their satisfaction while improving your bottom line. We offer a combination of deep market expertise and hands-on experience, concrete analysis, market research, advanced customer surveying capabilities, and practical implementation strategies and services that enable you to understand and nimbly respond to dynamic customer needs and desires. We conduct all aspects of customer research and market analysis, including survey design and implementation, focus group development and facilitation, sample design, market segmentation and strategic analysis. 

  • We link strategy to market data, adding meaning to market research.
  • We have a deep understanding of customer needs and behaviors informed by analysis of actual usage, contextualized by primary research on users, having performed analysis of interval load data analytics for more than 100 utilities over the past four decades. 
  • We have strong survey and analytics capabilities, with more than 140 researchers skilled in conducting market research and applying advanced analytic techniques to interpret findings and extract market intelligence for our clients.
  • We have designed business plans, implemented pilot projects, and evaluated the results of energy efficiency programs and technologies for utilities across the United States and abroad