Advanced modules

Bladed offers advanced modules for more detailed analysis in a variety of specialist areas.


Learn more about Bladed’s advanced modules or view the summaries below.

Bladed hardware test module
Allows control system hardware to be connected directly to Bladed simulations run in real time.

Offshore support structure module
Model offshore turbines on jacket support structures and floating wind turbines.

Seismic module
Generate 6 DoF earthquakes to apply to the turbine during simulation.

Advanced hydrodynamics module
Include Boundary Element Method hydrodynamics to capture radiation and diffraction effects.

Advanced pitch actuator interface
Allows external models of the pitch actuator to be coupled to Bladed at run-time via a DLL interface.

Advanced transmission interface
Allows external models of the drive train to be coupled to Bladed at run-time via a DLL interface.

Blade stability module
Examine blade stability and quantify the risk of blade flutter.

Control module
Produce linear models for the development of closed loop control algorithms and make use of advanced features, such as LiDAR.

Electrical dynamics module
Simulate detailed electrical models of the generator and power converter to be simulated in combination with the full turbine model.

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