Engineering models

Bladed’s engineering model capability has been developed for well over 20 years and is continually enhanced to meet the needs of today’s wind turbine designers.

Bladed engineering models

A full description of Bladed's engineering features can be found in the Bladed engineering feature summary document and is summarized below.

Structural dynamics
Our Bladed software tool uses a rigorous multibody formulation to accurately represent the dynamic response of various turbine concepts. A geometrically non-linear blade model captures the behaviour of modern highly flexible wind turbine blades. Bladed comes pre-loaded with detailed pitch, yaw and drive train dynamic models. The effect of earthquakes on turbine response can also be evaluated.

Bladed utilizes a modern blade element momentum (BEM) method and includes best practice aerodynamic models. The fundamental BEM theory is extended to capture complex unsteady flow conditions by including models of tip and hub loss, dynamic wake, skew wake and dynamic stall. Turbulent wind flow is modelled using Kaimal, von Karman or Mann turbulence models.

Offshore modelling
Bladed can natively model offshore jacket models which can be defined in the tool or imported from offshore design tools, such as SESAM or SACS. Bladed also supports superelement jacket models. Floating wind turbine dynamics can be captured using the multibody mooring line model and hydrodynamic loads are determined using Morison or boundary element methods. Regular and irregular wave states can be presented, including non-linear constrained waves.

Bladed provides an in-built simple turbine controller and supports detailed controller DLLs via an API interface. You can also create a linearized model of the turbine to facilitate linear control design. The effect of including LiDAR in the controller can also be tested.

Electrical modelling
Both simple and detailed models of various wind generator types are incorporated in Bladed. Generator faults, such as short circuit, and grid faults, such as low voltage ride through, can be simulated.

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