Productivity features

Bladed maximizes your productivity with an intuitive GUI for model definition, and many powerful features for simulation setup and execution.

Bladed software modelling tool 2016

A summary of the usability features in Bladed is provided below.

Model building
Bladed’s detailed turbine model contains thousands of parameter definitions to describe the structural properties, aerodynamic properties, electrical properties, etc. Bladed’s GUI gives you a structured way of entering this data, guiding you through the definition of the turbine and the environment. Validation and visualization is provided in the GUI, equipping you with prompt feedback relating to any missing or incorrect definitions.

Bladed MultiSetup
The Bladed MultiSetup tool allows you to vary the calculation inputs to support the standard IEC and GL load calculation cases. The tool supports sweeping over most environmental parameters and many turbine parameters to perform design studies.

Batch and Cloud computing
Wind turbine design projects require large sets of calculations to be performed. Bladed’s Batch application manages your list of jobs and can be used to coordinate clusters of machines to run the calculations. Simulations can also be run using Bladed’s Cloud service, providing unlimited computing resource and reducing the required investment to set up and maintain local IT systems.

Results visualization 
Bladed includes a DataView tool which enables you to review the simulation of time histories. Logarithmic scales, cross plots, bar charts and 3D surface plots are all supported. Bladed also provides 3D animation of simulation results to aid the understanding of complex turbine responses, especially of novel concepts such as floating turbines.

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Watch the video to learn more about the Bladed Cloud feature.

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