The scripting functionality in WindFarmer: Analyst provides you with powerful tools to manage repetitive processes and integrate seamlessly into you own tools.

WindFarmer: analyst scripting

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Gustavo Correa De Andrade

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WindFarmer: Analyst can be integrated seamlessly in to your business’ processes and tools, providing you with a powerful C# scripting interface to automate repetitive tasks and extend existing functionality when bespoke models are needed. Scripting allows you to automate operations from WindFarmer: Analyst’s user interface, run calculations and programmatically read the results. 

DNV GL has used WindFarmer: Analyst’s scripting functionality to boost efficiency and develop new services, including:

  • Turbine.Architect, an advanced turbine design cost modelling and optimization system, automates WindFarmer: Analyst to quantify the impact of turbine design on energy yield and cost of energy. 
  • Automate project set up and import external CFD flow model results.
  • Export project configuration and results to a visualization in Google Earth.
  • Integration with Excel to create a batch processor to evaluate energy production and export results for many projects.
  • A suite of system tests that run nightly to ensure ongoing the robustness of WindFarmer: Analyst.

C# is the preferred programming language for many software developers today and is the primary language used in the development of WindFarmer: Analyst. C# is a modern object oriented programming language and allows you to leverage Microsoft’s extensive .Net framework. With extensive documentation, training materials and other resources readily available for C#, and its widespread use amongst software professionals, scripting can be easily integrated into your business. 

Despite the advanced potential of scripting, users do not need to be advanced software developers to maximize its functionality. Scripting allows you to automate WindFarmer in a simple procedural way. On request, we can recommend a variety of training resources and example scripts to help you to get started. Alternatively, we can create scripts tailored for you as a service.

Contact us:

Gustavo Correa De Andrade

WindFarmer Business Manager

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