WindFarmer: Analyst

Create wind energy production assessments efficiently following our validated methodology and integrate our models with your processes using scripting.

WindFarmer: Analyst

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Tom Levick

Tom Levick

WindFarmer Product Manager

If you are planning a wind farm development or looking to make an investment, you need a reliable estimate of the energy production. Throughout the planning process, you will also need to update this estimate many times to understand different wind farm design options. WindFarmer: Analyst is an energy assessment tool based on DNV GL’s proven methodologies developed over several decades of experience.

Decades of experience at your fingertips
We have developed WindFarmer: Analyst to increase the quality and efficiency of our energy assessments and share our workflow with you.

WindFarmer: Analyst provides an efficient task-oriented interface that takes you smoothly through the analysis process, including:

  • Download or import map data.
  • Import, visualize and clean time series measurements.
  • Predict the long-term wind climate.
  • Model wind flow with WAsP or an external model.
  • Optimize your wind farm layout to maximize your own cost-benefit function.
  • Simulate wakes and energy using our validated models.
  • Export detailed results and generate attractive reports.
  • Ensure repeatability with scripting: automate calculations and link to your tools.

Once your WindFarmer: Analyst project is configured, it is easy to add further measurements and re-run/repeat all subsequent steps in your analysis automatically, saving you time and reducing potential errors.

Energy production assessments you can rely on
One of WindFarmer: Analyst’s biggest strengths is the robust, validated methodology that it relies on. Developed by DNV GL’s experts over multiple decades, this method provides financial institutions and/or prospective partners with confidence.

Explore the features to learn more about WindFarmer: Analyst, see the validation page to understand the research behind our wake models or contact us to request a demo.

Contact us:

For more information about WindFarmer: Analyst

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Tom Levick

Tom Levick

WindFarmer Product Manager

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