Authenticity of DNV GL documents

Check the origin of certificates and report contents
certificates reports

Unfortunately we regularly find that fake reports and certificates are used in a tender. These reports show DNV GL logos and details, but are not issued by DNV GL. Many parties are damaged by this illegal behaviour! That is why we are continuously improving means and methods for everyone to verify authenticity of DNV GL documents. In this web page we provide you with means for that.

1. Compare report contents to DNV GL website:

  • Compare the meter details to our website.
  • The first (signed) page contains the number of pages and annexes.
  • This is followed by the table of contents and the summary.
  • Chapter 2 contains details of the meter, which must be identical to certificate and website.
  • Annex B contains photographs of the type plate, outside and inside of the meter tested.

2. Compare CRC32-code of PDF documents to DNV GL website:

In addition, starting early 2012, DNV GL will use CRC32-code verification on the PDF documents we have provided to the manufacturer. Any changes to the document will lead to a different CRC32-code.

How does this work:

  1. Calculate the CRC32-code of the files provided to you using the tool (download here).
  2. Compare it to the Hash-code of the document on the website.

If there are still doubts, do not hesitate to contact us!