Why DNV GL Metering?

References to kWh-metering activities, -projects and -experience at DNV GL
DNV GL - Energy

Why choose DNV GL? We combine our large expertise in all metering related areas. Please check the below list to get convinced:

  • Hundreds of kWh-meters type tested
  • Accreditations for calibration and testing (ISO17025 and 17020, Notified Body).
  • Statistical quality system for nearly 8 million residential meters-in-use (since 1928).
  • Set-up of a new statistical quality system for smart-meters-in-use.
  • Quality control of industrial metering installations.
  • Hundreds of on-site calibrations of kWh-meters all over the world.
  • Hundreds of dispute kWh-meter investigations lead to detailed insight in specific problems.
  • Expert witness in legal cases of disputes.
  • On-site problem assessment.
  • Calibration of (portable) test equipment.
  • Failure mode assessments of kWh-meters, a/o:
  • Influence of very strong magnetic fields on static and mechanical meters.
  • Capacitor problems in kWh-meter internal supply.
  • Review and certification of manufacturer reliability calculations.
  • Verification of meter and documentation to local requirements, a/o
  • Dutch Smart Meter Requirements (DSMR)
  • SEC requirements
  • Anti tampering requirements

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