Measuring Instrument Directive

MID Certificate for electrical energy meters valid for Europe
Calibration Meter Quality

Energy meter manufacturers wishing to sell their products in Europe can turn to DNV GL for assistance. According to the new European directive on measurement instruments, MID, the approval of the instruments is no longer reserved to national bodies. DNV GL is one of the Notified Bodies authorized to grant certificates that are valid for the whole of the European Union, 27 countries.

From the end of 2006, national governments must have implemented the new European ‘Measurement Instrument Directive' (MID) in their national legislations. This MID directive specifies the criteria that measurement instruments such as kWh, gas and water meters must meet according to international standards. A number of bodies are notified and authorized to grant a certificate for such meters. Manufacturers with a certificate from one of these Notified Bodies may subsequently sell their certificated products on the entire European market.

Core business
DNV GL is one of the Notified Bodies authorized by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to execute these tests for new kWh meters. Testing of kWh meters is one of the DNV GL core activities. Moreover, laboratory type tests according to IEC Standards have been conducted for many years, for the international market. Combined testing to the MID harmonised European standards (EN 50470) and the IEC standards offers you the opportunity to sell meters all over the world!